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Tips on how to conserve electric and save money.

to Bay City Metering's web site.  On this site you will find explanations of how your bill is calculated including all the different components that comprise your bill, suggestions on how you can save electric to minimize your bill, how much certain electrical appliances and devices consume in electrical power, etc.  You will also find descriptions of the different types of metering equipment and their application.

If it's Electricity, Water, Gas, or Steam, we can meter it and bill it properly, accurately, and promptly.  Our reputation in the industry is well known.  For thirty years we have provided, and will continue to provide, the highest caliber of service.

Services we provide (residential and commercial) include:

  • Professional Submetering Consultation
  • Electric, Water, Gas, and Steam Submetering Services
  • Electrical Rate Consulting
  • Deregulation Consulting for Electricity and Gas
  • Record Keeping and Monthly Sales Analysis
  • Conversion from Direct Metering to Submetering
  • Complete Planning and Installation of Systems
  • Utility Tax Consulting
  • Preparation of Appropriate Tax Forms and Applications


Phone: (212) 575-0785


January 27, 2014 ALERT:

áááááá High Electricity Prices Continue - Please Read


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